Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beauty tips by Sushmita Sen

Miss Universe Sushmita Sen still famious her legend beauty. Her gorgeous looks, svelte figure, sparkling eyes, and magical smile are the stuff dreams are made of. The beautiful lady reveals her beauty secrets here....

1.Sush's beauty Theory : "Happiness! Beauty for me is God's signature and it should come from within."

2.Beauty tips : "Since I am filming most of the time, so water and sleep become scarce and that shows on the skin in form of dryness. So, proper skincare is essential. Everyone would want to touch your glowing skin!" "Another quintessential thing is to have a proper and sound sleep at night to let your skin rejuvenate in a right way."

3.Brand etiquettes : "I personally believe in sticking to a product that I choose because frequent switching over is not good at all and you end up getting no benefits from either of the products. So, have patience and give some time to show the effects of the product on your skin."

4.On ageing : "I think ageing has been a concept that most people don't want to talk about but they need to understand that it's a natural process. I like being my age and accepting your age is accepting yourself. It's so important for women to realize this."

5.Important : "Due to our changing lifestyle, skin related problems can appear at an early age but there is no need to fight anything. I know a friend who says that she is not going to grow a day older after 29 and that's the right attitude. Remember, looking good is one thing but feeling good is everything."

Thank you.