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Beauty tips by Antara Mali

Antara mali is another beauty queen of given her beauty tips:

"I don’t watch my diet. I eat anything. I try and eat healthy food, that’s about it.... Breakfast for me is a big meal. I believe in heavy breakfasts because I need the strength during the day.You can eat as much as you want as long as you burn it," says the beauty.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Beauty tips by Mahima

Mahima is another hot beauty star of bollywood.Here given us her beauty secret:
"I have a dry skin. As soon as I get up in the morning, I wash my face and apply moisturiser. I don't do much make-up except for using kaajal and lipstick. I think lots of sleep, lots of water and the fact that I follow a vegetarian diet helps in keeping my skin clean. I keep changing my moisturiser and use different cleansers for my eyes and face.

Mahima's fashion : In western wear, I definitely need to have a pair of well fitted blue jeans. A pair of cargos is also a must. The colours of my cargo could range between khaki, maroon and grey.

An ethnic outfit, may be a sari or a salwar kameez, are also a must have.

Most comfortable in: I am most comfortable in my cargos. If I can combine them with a cap, I am in the highest comfort zone because it protects my hair and my skin. I think Diesel makes great cargos that fit rather well.

Evening wear: Jeans are normally a must for me in the evening. I like wearing jeans with a smart kurti or a nice top. I am also quite fond of short skirts. I could combine it with a full sleeves blouse. Footwear would have to be stilettoes.

Favourite dress: I have a really pretty black dress that has motifs on top. Although its not an Indian dress, the motifs give the ethnic Indian feel to it.Most expensive dress: I have two sarees in my wardrobe. One is a skin colour sari by Rina Dhaka, and the other is an animal print by Tarun Tahiliani.

Daywear: Daywear could range from anything between a pair of jeans teamed with a white shirt, to a pair of lose cargo peddal pushers. I combine the above with a pair of slip on keds.

Accessories: I am crazy about wearing accessories. I have tons of them. Starting from friendship brands, to Buddhist beads and trinkets, you will spot me wearing all of them. I also like to wear bracelets, My favourite are diamond and gold ones.

Love to splurge on: I am crazy about sun glasses. If I am crossing a sun glass shop, I have to definitely buy a pair. I also buy loads of bags.

Most prized possession: It will have to be my house. I have been living in it for many years now and I have paid attention to minute details in its decor and furnishing.Favourite designer: There is no particular designer. I buy whatever I like.

Love to shop in: I love shopping in USA. I think you get just about everything over there. Manhattan is one place I am very familiar with.

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Beauty tips by Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta another beautifull bollywood star.Lets try the secret of her beauty:

The secret behind Preity Zinta's health is carrot halwa! Preity looks for this at every party. She says that it is good for health and also keeps her fresh all the day. This is the secret behind her beauty. Prominent businessman Ness Wadia, who is Priti Zinta's boyfriend, also appreciates her taste. She prepares carrot halwa whenever she is in home.

You may wonder what keeps our actress Preity Zinta so fresh and pretty. While the ‘water’ scares the heebie-jeebies off most of our Mumbai stars, it is the reason for our zingy Zinta’s lovely glow. Not that she’s swimming in the cesspools darlings; she just loves drinking tubloads of the H2O. That’s the reason, she tells us, she’s looking youthful, fresh and sexy too. She tells us that to maintain outside beauty one has to keep track of inside beauty too.

Needless to say, we can almost see that pink glow on her face, with out without her powdered blush-on. She doesn't plead for frequent visits to beauty parlours or some presciptions recommended by the so-called beauticians. Now many will say its nothing but the signs of love, but Preity clarifies, "Well, the secret of my glowing skin is that I drink a lot of water, other juices and lot of sleep too.

No compensation for peaceful hours of sleep." Her advice is to drink a lot of water throughout the day and be regular in exercise, besides of course being stress free. She recommends fruit juices too. At present, she is shooting for Yashraj banner's 'Salaam Namastay'. Preity is sure that the movie will be a hit as its story and music are good, and will attract a huge number of viewers. Well, now that we know sleeping was the way to beauty, we’re sure to find more women asleep than awake!

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Beauty tips by kartina Kaif

Kartina Kaif is another bollywood beauty queen.She tell us her beauty secret here:

I kick start my day with three to four glasses of water. I am addicted to the Purifying Apricot Oil from Anne Semoin.

My shortcut to beauty therapy is exercise — swimming, jogging, gymming — this gives blood circulation a boost and skin feels healthier.

My favourite beauty haunt is Shahnaz Herbal Clinic.I like to play up my eyes with lots of mascara by Yves Saint Laurent.

A beauty rule that I follow is to always cleanse my face of all make-up, however tired I may be. I use a face wash by Mene & Moy which has two per cent salicylic acid and Lancôme Cleansing Milk for the face and eyes.

My skin behaves well if I use less make-up.

My quick fix before a party is blow-drying my hair. I use a Kérastase product in my bath which leaves my hair soft and manageable. So styling comes easy.

To deal with a beauty emergency I rely on a mineral mud mask by Anne Semoin. It calms my skin.

My look for the coming season is traditional with more emphasis on the eyes with MAC kohl, keeping cheeks and lips neutral with a bronze highlighter from Laura Mercier and a MAC lip gloss in nude.

My bedside table essentials are a body moisturizer from Clarins, vitamin C tablets and a book to learn Hindi!

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"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight." - Peter

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Miss world 2008

Miss Russia, Kseniya Sukhinova, has captured the Miss World 2008 crown, beating out 108 other competitors at a ceremony in Johannesburg South Africa.

Sukhinova, a 5’10 blond from Siberia, became the second Russian to win the Miss World competition.
The 21-year-old Sukhinova was followed by second runner-up Gabrielle Walcott from Trinidad and Tobago and first runner-up Parvathay Omanakuttan of India.

Beauty tips by rani Mukherjee

The world has interest to know beauty secret of Rani she said:

Rani who lost all the extra flab with "a balanced diet and junking sweets", lives on "home-cooked food - dal, roti, salad and soup." Fastfood and colas are a no-no, instead it's "nariyal pani, nimbu pani, jal jeera and water." She says, "my normal fitness routine involves walking on the treadmill and sticking to definite timings for food,"

the actress says. "I eat everything and work out to remain fit."On eye care: "I don't take any special care of my eyes. Except when I'm feeling tired, I use an eye toner, which is rose water. And it really helps because after that, my eyes do feel cool and clear. That's my secret."

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Beauty tips by manisha koirala

manisha koirala is another bollywood beauty queen,here given her beauty tips:
"I think I've inherited my flawless skin texture from my parents. I keep it very clean and wash it with lots of cold water and use moisturiser to protect it. To take off my make-up, I use baby oil. I don't do much to my skin. I'm going out, I just use a little blusher and nothing more. I prefer my face to be clean of make-up. If I'm going out in the night and it's a dressy occasion, I use a bit of mascara and liner but not too much. No make-up during daytime. I drink lots of water and juices but not with the intention of keeping my skin looking good."

Manisha Koirala: "I follow a less-carb diet. I take a lot of salads, vegetables and soupls. Plenty of water and no fried food."

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Beauty secret of Esha Deol

Esha Deol another beauty star of giving her beauty secrets:

"I managed to get that sexy abs that I never thought was possible. For my washboard-flat stomach, I worked with my trainer (Sherveer Vakil) for one hour daily. I owe my trim--sexy look to buddy Zayed Khan. He pushed me into joining a fitness course and after a year of doing barbell and dumb-bell, I’ve become a fitness fanatic. I’ve also realised the importance of eating right and avoiding oily, fatty food."

"Now, I hardly get the time to work out, but I still make it a point to go to the gym, as much as possible. Working out makes me feel relaxed and at peace. Now, I do 45 minutes non-stop circuit workouts, but no cardio. I do this to take out excess water retention."

"Circuit workout includes chest, back, bicep, tricep, freehand exercises, lifting lightweights, abs, squats and stomach crunches. I am totally pooped at the end of my workouts. It’s important to sweat a lot and burn calories while exercising."

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Beauty tips by Sushmita Sen

Miss Universe Sushmita Sen still famious her legend beauty. Her gorgeous looks, svelte figure, sparkling eyes, and magical smile are the stuff dreams are made of. The beautiful lady reveals her beauty secrets here....

1.Sush's beauty Theory : "Happiness! Beauty for me is God's signature and it should come from within."

2.Beauty tips : "Since I am filming most of the time, so water and sleep become scarce and that shows on the skin in form of dryness. So, proper skincare is essential. Everyone would want to touch your glowing skin!" "Another quintessential thing is to have a proper and sound sleep at night to let your skin rejuvenate in a right way."

3.Brand etiquettes : "I personally believe in sticking to a product that I choose because frequent switching over is not good at all and you end up getting no benefits from either of the products. So, have patience and give some time to show the effects of the product on your skin."

4.On ageing : "I think ageing has been a concept that most people don't want to talk about but they need to understand that it's a natural process. I like being my age and accepting your age is accepting yourself. It's so important for women to realize this."

5.Important : "Due to our changing lifestyle, skin related problems can appear at an early age but there is no need to fight anything. I know a friend who says that she is not going to grow a day older after 29 and that's the right attitude. Remember, looking good is one thing but feeling good is everything."

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Beauty tips by Sonali

SHONALI NAGRANI another indian beauty star given here her beauty tips.

Beauty secret : Don’t smoke, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and avoid late nights. Beauty products help you improve your natural beauty, so it helps if you look good to start off with. Magic product : Aloe vera gel, it’s great for the skin. I can’t stress how important good skin is.

Handbag essential : My gloss. A girl just can’t sparkle without it…

Can’t live without : My transparent mascara – it’s natural to the point where it almost looks real.

Must have : Aromatherapy oils, it always helps me relax and be calm.

Beauty tip : I regularly take B-complex vitamins to keep my skin looking radiant.

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Beauty tips by kareena

Kareena is another hot beautyfull actress of bollywood.Read here a long article on her,& discover her beauty secret:

Kareena on a new fitness spreeMumbai, November 2: Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is using her time off between movies to take up yoga, hit the gym and lose some weight, a newspaper reported.

Kareena Kapoor is looking ravishing these days. When asked about what's the secret behind this, she smile and tells us, "I have been very serious about my workouts, my body and fitness. I doubt I have ever been so fit, and now that I've reached this stage of fitness, I don't want to let go and give up. It's a hard toil all the way. But I am generally very happy now - everything seems to be working out right for me.

"This babe has lost oodles of weight, and she’s looking more stunning than ever before. We spotted her over the weekend and on complimenting her, she replied, “Don’t so say much because I want to lose at least five more kilos. I am quite a foodie, but generally I have a healthy lifestyle. I begin the day by doing yoga and that has really helped! I must credit my newfound fitness levels to Bharat Thakur’s yoga sessions. The hour-and-a- half sessions every day have helped me tremendously to gain focus and maintain sync between my body and soul. I certainly recommend yoga to anyone who wants to be mentally and physically fit. Thanks to Shahid Kapoor, I eat vegetarian food which has further enhanced my physique! I also don’t drink alcohol. I am working at it and I am sure I will knock off a few more kilos really soon.

”As far as her beauty regime goes she says, "Don't use any chemical preparations," she advises. "Control you’re eating and drinking habits and your skin will be glowing forever.

"Bebo has been unwinding, relaxing, chilling and catching up on everything she’s been missed out during all those months of hard work. So we guess it’s a case of healthy mind and healthy body, right?

The Secret of Kareena Kapoor’s Sexy Figure
Kareena Kapoor probably has one of the flattest stomachs among Bollywood heroines today. And Boney Kapoor gave it centrestage in his film, Khushi. The secret behind that cool figure is Yasmin Haz, a fitness trainer from Bandra. She tells Patcy N how Bebo looks the way she does.

'Kareena heard about me from one of my clients. Whenever she's in town, she comes to my gym. She has learned to enjoy exercising now but, sometimes, I have to coax her to do an extra set. She's very serious about exercise though. Our daily exercise routine varies from single body part workouts to circuit workouts, heavy weights to normal weights. It's a different routine all the time. It depends on how often I feel the need to change the exercise.

Exercise also depends on what you are trying to achieve. If I'm focusing on losing weight, we do a certain kind of routine, starting with cardio and moving on to heavy weights. But it changes from person to person.

I don't believe in diet plans. I prefer food plans for specific people. I find out what they eat and then suggest how they can better their eating habits -- what they can cut out or add, how they can avoid fried food, desserts and anything sugar-based. I don't have to make Kareena look glamorous. She already is.

She is obedient when it comes to her health and figure. Beyond a point, one can't force someone but, if I tell her not to eat something, she usually tries to avoid it. Sometimes, it is difficult with outdoor shoots though, so I always take that into consideration as well.

If she is required to put on weight for a certain role, I tell her not to take it up (laughs). But seriously, we work towards it. In Hulchul, she was a bit heavy. But since she's young, she isn't offered roles where she has to put on weight. We have yet to work on the shape of her figure keeping a specific role in mind. As her characters in her filmshave been young and vivacious, she fits them the way she is. Her goal right now is simply to look her best.

Kareena doesn't carry her bad days to the gym. Her bad days generally occur when she's shooting for more than 12 hours. Otherwise, she is quite grounded. She spends an hour and a half at my gym, which is why we're very friendly. We do chat about personal matters as well, but not too often. I get along with her very well and have never seen any of her so-called tantrums in the last two years I have been training her. The image that is portrayed is completely different from what she is.She is a very honest and open person. She's also very intuitive. By open, I mean she is what she is.

She doesn't try to become another person just because she's a star. For instance, if somebody is using the treadmill and she needs it, she won't expect that person to get off for her. She will wait. Due to her erratic shooting, she comes to the gym anytime. Sometimes, I'm training someone else and end up training two people at the same time, but she doesn't mind that.I have never been to her home or outstation locations because I train people at my own gym.

She carries her workout plans with her when she travels. She is always put up at five-star hotels during shoots, which are equipped with gyms. She is smart enough to workout on her own. Other then Kareena, I train actresses Anita Raaj, Amrita Arora and Ishita Arun.

Kareena Kapoor's Workout:
Time: 8 months

Regime: Hot yoga, Pilates, cardio and a wholesome, healthy diet

Mission philosophy: To get rid of her flabby arms and to look fit, not pencil-thin

Dietician Speak: The expert Kareena turned to for a trimmer look was her dietician since January 2007, Rujuta Diwekar. “Kareena’s only brief to me was that she should look thin but not anorexic,” says Diwekar, who has a PhD in industrial chemistry and a PG in sports science and nutrition. “She told me that I could put her on the strictest diet but it shouldn’t affect her skin. She didn’t want to look washed out. You can see that even after she has lost seven kilos her skin looks radiant. Since she already had a yoga instructor, Pooja from Bharat Thakur’s group, I was asked to focus on giving her a balanced diet.” Just for the record, Kareena’s hot yoga weight-loss technique is quite famous. It involves practicing yoga with windows shut and fans and airconditioners switched off. The idea is to sweat it out like a good workout session. “While preparing her diet, I do take care of her likes and dislikes. She needs six- seven wholesome meals throughout the day. The diet is changed according to her body requirements and the place she’s shooting in. For example, during the shooting of Tashan in Ladakh, I included thukpas and steamed momos in her meals. A diet has to be practical; she can’t be running around looking for brown rice in Ladakh. When she was shooting in Jaisalmer, I made sure she ate poha and upma. Since Jaisalmer is very hot and one tends to sweat a lot, so I gave her lots of electrolyte with extra potassium to balance the water loss. The brief for Kareena is simple: eat many times but have small meals. And of course keep exercising and doing hot yoga,” says Diwekar.

Daily Diet: Breakfast options include upma, poha, parantha (without oil) and milk and muesli. In the afternoon, she snacks on a brown bread sandwich. Lunch is roti, sabji and dal (without oil). An evening snack is either upma or idli. Dinner is again roti, sabji, dal or soup.

Indulgence: Every 10-12 days, Kareena binges on her favourite Chinese cuisine.

Kareena Speak: For Tashan, where I’ve to look my glamourous best and also do a lot of stunts, I needed to lose weight. I’m following a healthy diet and a regular workout regime. And I’m feeling great.

How does Kareena manage her diet?
Actor Kareena Kapoor is busy shooting in Venice for Sajid Nadiadwala's Kambakht Ishq. And one wonders how the vegetarian is coping with her diet and staying away from the Venetian wonders. BT speaks to her dietician-nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.

Called the 'chana-singdaana' girl of the fraternity thanks to her constant munching of chana and peanuts on the sets, Kareena has stunned everybody. So what does Bebo do to eat right - take her dietician and cook along with her wherever she goes, perhaps?"

The only thing that Kareena takes along with her is her diet plan, her calcium and vitamin B supplements. And if she is shooting in a remote place very far away from civilization, she'll carry along with her packets of chana, peanuts, yoghurt and soy milk," informs her dietician, "I plan for Kareena way in advance. I try to locate some good restaurants for her and suggest what she should eat where. I try and locate local health stores where she can pick up her yogurts, packs of soymilk and fruits from. My motto is 'Think global, eat local'. I encourage all my clients to have the local food wherever they go instead of having them carry packets of khakhra from back home," says Rujuta.

So currently in Venice, what is Bebo gorging on? "In Venice, she is eating wholesome pasta with gorgonzola cheese. She's filling herself up with malta, minestrone soup... When she's in Bangkok, she feasts on Thai curry, steamed rice and noodles. And if some insist that New York is of burgers, chips and colas, it's also a place for salads and soups. When Bebo was shooting in Ladakh recently, she had tented accommodation. What she ate there? Momos and thuppa noodles! You see, the diet changes with the place you're in. For example, in a place like Ladakh, which is 3500 m above sea level where the sun shines bright, you get dehydrated, the travel leads to multiple dehydration, so you automatically up the carbohydrate and liquid intake. The logic behind increasing the carbs in your diet is that if there aren't enough carbs, you can't store enough water. So sometimes it's essential to have a carb-rich diet."

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Beauty tips by Amisha patel

Amisha Patel another bollywood beauty queen she out her beauty secret:
Amisha Patel is still receiving compliments for her sexy avatar in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. The actress who has been working hard in the gym with two trainers Khushru Cooper and Girish Bhaskar. That, along with a disciplined diet is the secret behind her sizzling hot figure.

When quizzed about her routine she says, "I never miss my gym routine. Sometimes due to the erratic shooting schedules, it becomes difficult to follow a regular schedule. But then I make it to the gym before the shoot or after it ends. Luckily, I am blessed with trainers who don't mind flexible timing.

"She further adds, "We don't believe in unhealthy methods of eating or drinking to get immediate results. It's not about temporary fitness. To me, it's about being fit for life.

"She sheds light on her training, "When I am not shooting, I have my normal workouts in the morning and then go for narrations, styling, and jogging. Sometimes I split my workout schedule. I do weights in the morning and spinning n the evening. When I have limited time for working out, Khushru and Girish keep that in mind and design my workout accordingly.

Strict and smart
Talking about her much talked about Lazy Lamhe look, Amisha says, "Khushru was very strict when I was shooting for this movie. I had to be very cautious with my diet, avoiding fried food, cheese and fats. Knowing I have a sweet jaw, Khushru used to call to check that I wasn't eating a lot of sweets." The actress says you have to be honest with your trainers and cannot cheat on your diet, "Trainers are like doctors. They need to know everything you do, so they can guide you properly.

"Girish, her spin trainer adds, " I just don't train her hard but I train her smart.

"The actress is soon leaving for a month-long schedule to South Africa for Chatur Singh.

This role demands that she play sexy diva again. She laughs, "I'll try my level best."
Here's how Amisha works out
Amisha's trainer Khushru finds her very disciplined as far her workouts are concerned, "We work out depending on her shooting schedule. Four times a week is a minimum. We work out on the lower as well as upper body twice a week. Upper body workout is followed by cardio and abs training follows the lower body workout.

We started working out 15 months back and it has been the same for the past six months. Our idea was to make her look hot and voluptuous and not skinny or give her a size zero figure." As for her diet he says he hasn't given her a list of what she should eat or avoid, "There are no restrictions as such on her diet. She knows how to control herself. I have advised maximum amount of proteins, multivitamins and loads of water." - Mid-Day

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Beauty secret of Meghna Naidu

Meghna Naidu another famious indian you can understand the secret of her beauty:

Meghna Naidu can't go to the gym thanks to her stage shows where she has to be constantly on the move, she makes sure she can catch a game of tennis which she consideres an excellent alternative to exercising. Now we're sure her fans will be taking a fitness cue or two from Meghna's book.

Meghna Naidu reveals her skin secrets:

She says how great skin comes from drinking lots of water, eating fruits and good amount of sleep!

Beauty tips by shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is another beauty star of bollywood.She explain here her beauty tips here:

MAKE UP TIPSMY basic rule is "less is more". Wearing a heavy base, caked powder and red rouge just looks scary.

Never do your face in public. You distort your face to apply cosmetics and that is not an attractive look, which is why I applied mine away from the cameras in the Big Brother bathroom.

Accentuate just one feature. If, like me, you want to draw attention to your eyes keep your lipstick quite understated. If you have lovely, pouty lips, wear a darker gloss and keep your eyes subtle.

Eyelash curlers can open up your eyes and give them definition without the need for layers of mascara.

Use false eyelashes for a more glamorous night-time look.

I use products from Mac, Stella, Estee Lauder and Nars. I don't stick to one brand. If a colour suits my skin tone I may even go for a new brand. Before I go to bed, I use Johnson's baby oil to get rid of the makeup on my face and then dab it with a hot towel.

NO matter how late I come home, I always remove my make-up. I mix pure coconut oil with olive oil, smooth it over my skin and wipe it off with cotton wool. It's naturally soothing to skin.

Try to sleep for a minimum of eight hours a day and never use soap on your face - it's too harsh.

Don't overload your skin with fancy products. My mum, who is 57 and has amazing skin, says the more you use when you're young, the worse it gets when you age.

And try having your eyebrows threaded at a salon to avoid in-growing hairs.

HAIR CAREKEEP it natural.
Hair that has been crimped, curled and sprayed looks so overdone. Best to make it look as if it's natural, loose and shiny.

Wash hair every second day so it isn't stripped of natural oils. And change your shampoo regularly, as using the same products causes build up. I don't use any particular shampoo but the best conditioner is the L'Oreal Kerastase range - you can feel it working.

My hair is blow-dried straight, but I'd never use heated straighteners as they frazzle your hair.


IF you don't feel comfortable working out at a gym, change venue or you'll never go. Or do what I do and train at home.

Stretch before and after a workout to prevent muscle strain. Cardiovascular exercise keeps you fit, trim and healthy so my workouts involve light runs on the treadmill.

Lift light dumb-bells to tone your arms without bulking up - I use heavier weights on my legs for definition. And work out at least three times a week.

I am genetically blessed. I do not diet much. To be fit is very important to me. I don’t go overboard on what I eat....I do meditate regularly....I love doing squats. I’ve always felt my legs are too skinny, so I concentrate more on my lower body.... I get workout tips from my costars, Salman Khan and Sunjay Dutt, who are fitness freaks themselves.


DIETING is the worst thing you can do - I've never done anything silly like the cabbage soup diet. Instead, just eat good, natural foods in sensible portions.

I drink around 10 glasses of hot water during the day to cleanse my system, keep my skin clear and feel full.

Never snack - eating between meals just increases your calorie intake. Remember tea is always better than sugary, fizzy drinks. And don't eat after 8pm. I always eat at least three hours before I go to bed so my body has the chance to work off the calories.

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five simple but very rich beauty tips

Every persons in the world are naturaly beauty seeker.Statistics showing women are more
sensitive for their are five simple but very important tips for your beauty:

Skin lightener

Lighten elbow and knee areas by scrubbing lemon juice and sugar. The lemon has a bleaching effect and the sugar will exfoliate the dead cells.

Shiny Hair

hair mix fresh orange juice, water, 1 tablespoon Honey and any type of vegetable oil.

For plumper lips

Apply lipstick and lip-gloss.Add a dot of eye shadow in the center of your lips and blend carefully. You might also want to check out City Lips Collagen Lip Plumping Treatment.

Dark circles

Tired looking people do not look attractive cover under eye circles with make up. Choose a color that matches your skin shade, avoid getting lighter shades. We recommend TheBalm TimeBalm Under Eye ConcealerFake TanGet a tan without exposing your skin to harmful sun rays.

for Natural beauty


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beauty tips of hemamalini

bollywood evergreen queen hema malini given her beauty tips here:

Beauty is god’s gift and one should never take it for granted. I use aroma oils for my skin. I also use ‘Clarins’ cleansing milk regularly. Drinking sufficient water also helps in hydrating the skin. I do the traditional hot oil massage for my hair twice a week. Coconut oil mixed with amla, tulsi, neem etc. makes for a good hair oil. Washing hair with shampoo and a good conditioner also keeps it healthy; I use L’Oreal hair products.

Being physically fir is very important. I cycle in my house for 10-15 minutes a day. I do pranayam every morning for 45 minutes and yoga every alternate day. Yoga helps in toning, especially the waist area and is also good for toning the biceps and triceps.

I fast twice a week. My diet is strictly vegetarian. My lunch consists of two rotis, a bowl of dal, two vegetables and a little rice with rasam. I like to eat spicy food too. Everyday I have curd in the morning, which is good for my skin. Whenever I fast, I have paneer and eat a lot of fruits and dry fruits. I like ghee in my food but don’t have it everyday as it is fattening. I have to cups of green tea everyday. I don’t eat any junk.You must be disciplined and your will power to control yourself is extremely important.

"My skin is good because God made it so. I keep it very clean and free of make-up as much as possible. I visit the beautician often and let her take care of my skin. Farida, my beautician, makes this nourishing aroma oil for me, which is excellent. I use this on my face and even before applying make-up. I don't use foundations for the most part. I think the skin should be allowed to breathe naturally. I concentrate on the eyes and leave the skin alone. Sometimes, I use a light lipstick but that's all. Before sleeping, I apply my current favorite night cream, Aveda. When I do my own make-up, I only work on the eyes and use kaajal.""I think your skin has a lot to do with your eating. I eat a lot of green vegetables and seldom eat out. I also eat my last meal before 8 p.m. and make sure I eat very little. This really helps your complexion. Not too much food or spices and very little oil. I'm a curd person and have it in liberal doses. I use the usual cosmetics."

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Beauty tips by Tabu

beautifull indian actress Tabu said her beauty secret here:

You come strange to hear that Tabu’s beauty secret is out. It’s mineral water! The dusky actress confessed in a recent interview that she uses mineral water to wash her face. Why? Because ace cameraman-cum-director Manmohan Singh, in whose film she made her leading lady debut, recommended the same as the best way to avoid acne and pimples, which she is prone to. And for those who grumble about she insisting on mineral water on the sets of her films, Tabu clarifies that she pays for them!

Tabu believes that her favorite accessory is her great-looking hair. "I shampoo my hair regularly. Using a shampoo regularly makes your hair look dazzling. I also believe in oil therapy for my hair. I oil my hair at least twice a week. I also apply an herbal hair powder, which we make at home, to nourish my hair. I make it a point to blow-dry my hair if it gets wet or after washing it. That really helps. I believe, that if you have straight hair, use shampoos with cleansers and if you have thick and coarse hair, avoid shampoos with added proteins, as they tend to worsen the hair condition. For normal hair, use mild shampoos made with moisturisers.

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Beauty tips by Bipasa Basu

Bipasha Basu now rulling bollywood.Present legend beauty star given some important beauty tips here:

1. Drink 10 glasses of water a day

2. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF every time I step out in the sun

3. Eat small meals, around six times a day at regular intervals. Involve the superfoods in your diet judiciously.

4. Exercise 4 times a week at minimum for an hour a day

5. Minimum 7-8 hours of sleep a day

6. Use good quality make up products

7. Removal of make up is very important too

8. Keep your skin clean§ NORMAL TO DRY SKIN – half cup cold milk + 5 drops of olive/sesame oil. Put this in a bottle and shake well. Cleanse skin with cotton wool with this mixture twice a day. Softens the Skin.§ OILY SKIN – Rose water + Lemon Juice in same proportions. Cleanse your skin with it or keep it on for 10 minutes and wash. Reduces pimples and acne.

OILY TO COMBINATION SKIN – one fourth teaspoon Lemon Juice + One teaspoon cold milk + one teaspoon Cucumber Juice. Cleanse face with this and wash.

9. Hydrate your skin with moisturizer from a good brand depending on your skin type

10. Use natural homemade face scrubs and packs§ NORMAL TO DRY SKIN – one teaspoon Gram Flour (besan) + one teaspoon Lemon Juice + one teaspoon Sesame Oil + one teaspoon Milk powder. Apply on face for 15 minutes, dampen with water and rub off gently. Wash.§ OILY TO COMBINATION SKIN – one teaspoon Gram Flour (besan) + One teaspoon Lemon Juice + One teaspoon Rice Flour + Two teaspoon Yoghurt. Apply on face for 15 minutes, dampen with water and rub off gently wash.

11. Eye care- before sleeping put almond oil around your eyes using your ring finger gently

12. Hair should always be cleaned with a good shampoo and conditioner. (I personally, like my brand Clinic All Clear, it’s for all hair types). Once a month, a deep conditioning treatment must be done. Take one teaspoon vinegar + one teaspoon glycerine + one egg. Beat it together well. Massage mixture into scalp. Then wrap the hair in a hot towel for 20 minutes before washing. This gives the hair body and bounce and it keeps it shiny and manageable. Also, I highly recommend a head massage, once a fortnight with olive, coconut, or almond oil mixed with castor oil

13. Good pedicure and manicure is a must

14. Do not overlook the body and only take care of the face. For body apart from a wash use a scrub occasionally§ OILY SKIN – Gram Flour (besan) + a little Turmeric Powder + Yoghurt. Apply paste for 20 minutes on the entire body. Scrub it off with water, for healthy glowing skin§ DRY SKIN – Gram Flour (besan) + a little Turmeric Powder + Cream of milk (malai). Apply paste for 20 minutes on the entire body. Scrub it off with water, for healthy glowing skin.

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Beauty tips by juhi Chawla

Juhi chawla one of beauty star of bollywood.she said her beauty secret:

"I believe in the 6 to 8 glasses of water for the skin tip. I drink lots of water. Besides, I have a very simple routine. I just use a moisturiser and an eye cream to keep my skin moist. Generally, I keep it very clean.

For face wash, I use La Mer. They have a mild washing lotion, which I like. I use their moisturising lotion and an eye cream from Clinique.To fight dry skin, I drink lots of water; eat curds and lots of green vegetables and salads. I eat less spicy food and opt for more of the boiled and baked variety.

When my eyes feel tired, I lie back with slices of potatoes on my eyes to remove the tiredness from them. After I remove my make-up, I use a cleanser to clean my face.I wash my face with a very mild soap. I don't apply any creams at night or any other time, but if I feel like using something, I opt for the moisturiser again at night. I find leaving the skin alone is better than doing hundreds of things to it. Allow your skin to breathe freely by keeping it clean. The lesser you meddle with your skin, the less it meddles with you."

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Beauty tips by Aarti chhabria

Aarti Chhabria another beautifull actress of bollywood.She tell us her secret of beauty as following:

Apart from the normal drinking lots of water and sleeping well formula that always works wonders, what I think is a true beauty secret is 'being happy'.Calming your nerves, when you are most stressed, probably by doing yoga, or simple deep breathing can really have a great calming effect. What works for me is taking a deep breath and saying 'Om'. When your mind is relaxed and your thoughts are clear, you feel beautiful and energetic.
For make up i use Mac eye pencils and mascara, cheek hue, vanilla flavoured lip gloss. Mac is an excellent brand.

I eat the right kind of food; have lots of water and no junk food. I sleep 6 to 7 hours, I work out, don't do too many weights, lots of flexing and swimming everyday. I ensure we have a gym where we shoot and being around happy people helps. It's very important to smile. A smile is always returned, that's the beauty of it. I use Clinique products, Mac products for make-up.
I eat everything, Non-vegetarian, vegetarian, ice-cream, anything. But I work out regularly and keep myself fit. You shouldn't starve yourself because your body is not used to it.

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Beauty tips by Sridevi

Sridevi is the legend beautifull actress of India.She has millions Fan in all over the world.
But what is the secret of her beauty?Just read following story:

The legend bollywood actress Sridevi looks so slim and stunning despite being 40-plus woman? Ok, here is the secret behind her charms: She always takes simple 'south Indian Thali'. No, not the type of KAMAT HOTEL Thali. "I always take light food. Particularly home made Andhra food," revealed Sridevi.That food consists of two cups of rice, Pappu (Lentils), Avakaya and curds. And lots of fruit juice.

She said that even while she was doing full of Hindi films in Mumbai, she had always taken light food, Andhra style.Though she has recently learnt the recipe of Hyderabad Biryani from her colleague Tabu, she hardly touches it. Says she: "I love that biryani but I am diet conscious. So only once in a while, I eat H.B."South Indian cuisine is rice based. Rice is combined with lentils to make wonderful dosas, idlis, vadas and uttapams. These items are glorious and delicious besides being nourishing and digestible (due to the fermenting process). They are combined with sambhar (dal), rasam (tamarind dal), dry and curried vegetable and pachadi (yogurt). Their rice preparations are also masterpieces like biryani from Hyderabad, lemon rice and rice seasoned with coconut peanuts, tamarind, chilies, curry leaves, urad dal and fenugreek seeds.South Indian chutneys are made of tamarind, coconut, peanuts, dal, fenugreek seeds, and cilantro. Meals are followed by coffee.

South Indian dals and curries are more soupy than North Indian dals and curries. South Indian cuisine is also hotter. Coconut milk straight from the nut is a common beverage and sight in South India. Coffee is very popular in South India and Madras coffee is popular in South Indian restaurants throughout the world. The South Indian food is a brilliant blend of flavors, colors, seasoning, nutritional balance, fragrance, taste, and visual appeal..Explains why SriDevi maintains her looks.In her 40s now, Sridevi can give any starlet a run of her money.

A flawless complexion, a fantastic body and looks to kill for! if you want to know about her mantra to cut the flab — It's regular exercise, yoga and aerobics." I believe that if you're healthy within, it will reflect on your skin and hair. But if you eat a lot of oily, fried and junk food, all the facials in the world won't help. I try and follow on an organic diet as much as possible. Even my daughters now eat brown rice... They follow my diet not as a compulsion but because they are health - conscious even at this tender age. I eat fish but very little chicken, and when I'm at home I prefer to be vegetarian. I do exercise and though I would love to go to the gym every day, my travel schedules make that impossible. But I love my power - yoga sessions. I believe that you have to feel positive and respect yourself and that's what reflects in your looks."She declares, "My husband and my children want me to look great all the time, It is only the joy on their faces when I look beautiful that encourages me to be the way I am. They are my motivation"

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Beauty tips by madhuri

Madhuri rulled the bollywood at least an era.What is the secret of her natural beauty?Just read this following story:Famious actress of bollywood Madhuri Dixit recently launched a range of herbal hair and skin care products by Emami at a lavish launch party held at Mumbai's ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton Hotel. The products which will be marketed by Emami under the brand 'Beauty Secrets by Madhuri' include talc, hair oil, shampoos, skin cream and cold cream.

Elegantly dressed in resplendent white suit, Madhuri was the cynosure of many an eye at the launch function that was attended by Emami Co-Chairmen R.S. Agarwal and R.S. Goenka, Alyque Padamsee, marketing consultant, and a galaxy of Bollywood stars.Recalling how she has been collecting beauty tips and secrets across the globe during her world tours, Madhuri said she wanted to share these secrets with others through the products branded as 'Beauty Secrets by Madhuri'.It's for the first time that Madhuri has lent her name to a range of cosmetics.

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Egyptian woman

Egypttian woman now develop their social status & achive many basic humen right.A little story here:

The Egyptian woman's rights extended to all the legally defined areas of society. From the bulk of the legal documents, we know that women could manage and dispose of private property, including: land, portable goods, servants, slaves, livestock, and money (when it existed), as well as financial instruments (i.e., endowments and annuities).

A woman could administer all her property independently and according to her free will. She could conclude any kind of legal settlement. She could appear as a contracting partner in a marriage contract or a divorce contract; she could execute testaments; she could free slaves; she could make adoptions. She was entitled to sue at law. It is highly significant that a woman in Egypt could do all of the above and initiate litigation in court freely without the need of a male representative. This amount of freedom was at variance with that of the Greek woman who required a designated male, called a kourios, to represent or stand for her in all legal contracts and proceedings. This male was her husband, father or brother.

WOMEN'S PROPERTY RIGHTS: There were several ways for an Egyptian woman to acquire possessions and real property. Most frequently, she received it as gifts or as an inheritance from her parents or husband, or else, she received it through purchases--with goods which she earned either through employment, or which she borrowed. Under Egyptian property law, a woman had claim to one-third of all the community property in her marriage, i.e. the property which accrued to her husband and her only after they were married. When a woman brought her own private property to a marriage (e.g., as a dowry), this apparently remained hers, although the husband often had the free use of it. However, in the event of divorce her property had to be returned to her, in addition to any divorce settlement that might be stipulated in the original marriage contract. A wife was entitled to inherit one-third of that community property on the death of her husband, while the other two-thirds was divided among the children, followed up by the brothers and sisters of the deceased. To circumvent this possibility and to enable life to receive either a larger part of the share, or to allow her to dispose of all the property, a husband could do several things:

1) In the Middle Kingdom, he could draw up an imyt-pr, a "house document," which was a legal unilateral deed for donating property. As a living will, it was made and perhaps executed while the husband was still alive. In this will, the husband would assign to his wife what he wished of his own private property, i.e., what he acquired before his marriage. An example of this is the imyt-pr of Wah from el-Lahun.

2) If there were no children, and the husband did not wish his brothers and sisters to receive two-thirds of the community property, he could legally adopt his wife as his child and heir and bequeath all the property to her. Even if he had other children, he could still adopt his wife, so that, as his one of his legal offspring, she would receive some of the two-thirds share, in addition to her normal one-third share of the community property. A woman was free to bequeath property from her husband to her children or even to her own brothers and sisters (unless there was some stipulation against such in her husband's will). One papyrus tells us how a childless woman, who after she inherited her husband's estate, raised the three illegitimate children who were born to him and their female household slave (such liaisons were fairly common in the Egyptian household and seem to have borne no social stigma). She then married the eldest illegitimate step-daughter to her younger brother, whom she adopted as her son, that they might receive the entire inheritance. A woman could also freely disinherit children of her private property, i.e., the property she brought to her marriage or her share of the community property. She could selectively bequeath that property to certain children and not to others. Such action is recorded in the Will of Naunakht.

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Aishwarya Rai:Secret of Beauty

Now a days this is known by everyone that almost beuty seeker of the world selected Aishwarya

as beauty symbol.Read here some secrets of her beauty :

The most attractive woman of 2003 as chosen by the HELLO magazine readers, however, chooses not to be very forthcoming about her beauty secrets. But then, Aishwarya Rai has been blessed with an excellent skin and lovely healthy hair and when she flutters her heavenly gray-blue eyes and says that she isn’t into any rigorous beauty regime, it’s difficult not to believe her. She is just one of those rare women who doesn’t need to go great lengths to look beautiful.

It is however known that Aishwarya Rai's basic beauty routine comprises of a healthy lifestyle. Thus she steers clear of junk food, smoking and drinking and is heavily into fruits, vegetables and diary products and all in the right proportion. The fruits and vegetables supply her with all the requisite vitamins and minerals to keep her healthy and looking like a diva.

Eight glasses of water are her staple fare to detoxify the body and keep it hydrated. This explains the perpetual glow on her face, which no amount of make-up can simulate. She exercises right to maintain her svelte figure and to keep fit for a hectic lifestyle.

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For dry skin

Now a days honey is the most necessary item for persons beauty.This recipe contains honey, which is a boon for skin care.Just take ½ tablespoon of honey and mix it with 1-2 tablespoons of rose water. Apply on face, neck, and other dry skin area. This cleans the skin, tones it, and makes it glow. Almonds are also good for nourishing the skin. Massaging the face with almond oil makes the skin soft and removes dry skin.