Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beauty tips by manisha koirala

manisha koirala is another bollywood beauty queen,here given her beauty tips:
"I think I've inherited my flawless skin texture from my parents. I keep it very clean and wash it with lots of cold water and use moisturiser to protect it. To take off my make-up, I use baby oil. I don't do much to my skin. I'm going out, I just use a little blusher and nothing more. I prefer my face to be clean of make-up. If I'm going out in the night and it's a dressy occasion, I use a bit of mascara and liner but not too much. No make-up during daytime. I drink lots of water and juices but not with the intention of keeping my skin looking good."

Manisha Koirala: "I follow a less-carb diet. I take a lot of salads, vegetables and soupls. Plenty of water and no fried food."

Thank you.