Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beauty tips by Sridevi

Sridevi is the legend beautifull actress of India.She has millions Fan in all over the world.
But what is the secret of her beauty?Just read following story:

The legend bollywood actress Sridevi looks so slim and stunning despite being 40-plus woman? Ok, here is the secret behind her charms: She always takes simple 'south Indian Thali'. No, not the type of KAMAT HOTEL Thali. "I always take light food. Particularly home made Andhra food," revealed Sridevi.That food consists of two cups of rice, Pappu (Lentils), Avakaya and curds. And lots of fruit juice.

She said that even while she was doing full of Hindi films in Mumbai, she had always taken light food, Andhra style.Though she has recently learnt the recipe of Hyderabad Biryani from her colleague Tabu, she hardly touches it. Says she: "I love that biryani but I am diet conscious. So only once in a while, I eat H.B."South Indian cuisine is rice based. Rice is combined with lentils to make wonderful dosas, idlis, vadas and uttapams. These items are glorious and delicious besides being nourishing and digestible (due to the fermenting process). They are combined with sambhar (dal), rasam (tamarind dal), dry and curried vegetable and pachadi (yogurt). Their rice preparations are also masterpieces like biryani from Hyderabad, lemon rice and rice seasoned with coconut peanuts, tamarind, chilies, curry leaves, urad dal and fenugreek seeds.South Indian chutneys are made of tamarind, coconut, peanuts, dal, fenugreek seeds, and cilantro. Meals are followed by coffee.

South Indian dals and curries are more soupy than North Indian dals and curries. South Indian cuisine is also hotter. Coconut milk straight from the nut is a common beverage and sight in South India. Coffee is very popular in South India and Madras coffee is popular in South Indian restaurants throughout the world. The South Indian food is a brilliant blend of flavors, colors, seasoning, nutritional balance, fragrance, taste, and visual appeal..Explains why SriDevi maintains her looks.In her 40s now, Sridevi can give any starlet a run of her money.

A flawless complexion, a fantastic body and looks to kill for! if you want to know about her mantra to cut the flab — It's regular exercise, yoga and aerobics." I believe that if you're healthy within, it will reflect on your skin and hair. But if you eat a lot of oily, fried and junk food, all the facials in the world won't help. I try and follow on an organic diet as much as possible. Even my daughters now eat brown rice... They follow my diet not as a compulsion but because they are health - conscious even at this tender age. I eat fish but very little chicken, and when I'm at home I prefer to be vegetarian. I do exercise and though I would love to go to the gym every day, my travel schedules make that impossible. But I love my power - yoga sessions. I believe that you have to feel positive and respect yourself and that's what reflects in your looks."She declares, "My husband and my children want me to look great all the time, It is only the joy on their faces when I look beautiful that encourages me to be the way I am. They are my motivation"

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