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Beauty tips by kareena

Kareena is another hot beautyfull actress of bollywood.Read here a long article on her,& discover her beauty secret:

Kareena on a new fitness spreeMumbai, November 2: Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is using her time off between movies to take up yoga, hit the gym and lose some weight, a newspaper reported.

Kareena Kapoor is looking ravishing these days. When asked about what's the secret behind this, she smile and tells us, "I have been very serious about my workouts, my body and fitness. I doubt I have ever been so fit, and now that I've reached this stage of fitness, I don't want to let go and give up. It's a hard toil all the way. But I am generally very happy now - everything seems to be working out right for me.

"This babe has lost oodles of weight, and she’s looking more stunning than ever before. We spotted her over the weekend and on complimenting her, she replied, “Don’t so say much because I want to lose at least five more kilos. I am quite a foodie, but generally I have a healthy lifestyle. I begin the day by doing yoga and that has really helped! I must credit my newfound fitness levels to Bharat Thakur’s yoga sessions. The hour-and-a- half sessions every day have helped me tremendously to gain focus and maintain sync between my body and soul. I certainly recommend yoga to anyone who wants to be mentally and physically fit. Thanks to Shahid Kapoor, I eat vegetarian food which has further enhanced my physique! I also don’t drink alcohol. I am working at it and I am sure I will knock off a few more kilos really soon.

”As far as her beauty regime goes she says, "Don't use any chemical preparations," she advises. "Control you’re eating and drinking habits and your skin will be glowing forever.

"Bebo has been unwinding, relaxing, chilling and catching up on everything she’s been missed out during all those months of hard work. So we guess it’s a case of healthy mind and healthy body, right?

The Secret of Kareena Kapoor’s Sexy Figure
Kareena Kapoor probably has one of the flattest stomachs among Bollywood heroines today. And Boney Kapoor gave it centrestage in his film, Khushi. The secret behind that cool figure is Yasmin Haz, a fitness trainer from Bandra. She tells Patcy N how Bebo looks the way she does.

'Kareena heard about me from one of my clients. Whenever she's in town, she comes to my gym. She has learned to enjoy exercising now but, sometimes, I have to coax her to do an extra set. She's very serious about exercise though. Our daily exercise routine varies from single body part workouts to circuit workouts, heavy weights to normal weights. It's a different routine all the time. It depends on how often I feel the need to change the exercise.

Exercise also depends on what you are trying to achieve. If I'm focusing on losing weight, we do a certain kind of routine, starting with cardio and moving on to heavy weights. But it changes from person to person.

I don't believe in diet plans. I prefer food plans for specific people. I find out what they eat and then suggest how they can better their eating habits -- what they can cut out or add, how they can avoid fried food, desserts and anything sugar-based. I don't have to make Kareena look glamorous. She already is.

She is obedient when it comes to her health and figure. Beyond a point, one can't force someone but, if I tell her not to eat something, she usually tries to avoid it. Sometimes, it is difficult with outdoor shoots though, so I always take that into consideration as well.

If she is required to put on weight for a certain role, I tell her not to take it up (laughs). But seriously, we work towards it. In Hulchul, she was a bit heavy. But since she's young, she isn't offered roles where she has to put on weight. We have yet to work on the shape of her figure keeping a specific role in mind. As her characters in her filmshave been young and vivacious, she fits them the way she is. Her goal right now is simply to look her best.

Kareena doesn't carry her bad days to the gym. Her bad days generally occur when she's shooting for more than 12 hours. Otherwise, she is quite grounded. She spends an hour and a half at my gym, which is why we're very friendly. We do chat about personal matters as well, but not too often. I get along with her very well and have never seen any of her so-called tantrums in the last two years I have been training her. The image that is portrayed is completely different from what she is.She is a very honest and open person. She's also very intuitive. By open, I mean she is what she is.

She doesn't try to become another person just because she's a star. For instance, if somebody is using the treadmill and she needs it, she won't expect that person to get off for her. She will wait. Due to her erratic shooting, she comes to the gym anytime. Sometimes, I'm training someone else and end up training two people at the same time, but she doesn't mind that.I have never been to her home or outstation locations because I train people at my own gym.

She carries her workout plans with her when she travels. She is always put up at five-star hotels during shoots, which are equipped with gyms. She is smart enough to workout on her own. Other then Kareena, I train actresses Anita Raaj, Amrita Arora and Ishita Arun.

Kareena Kapoor's Workout:
Time: 8 months

Regime: Hot yoga, Pilates, cardio and a wholesome, healthy diet

Mission philosophy: To get rid of her flabby arms and to look fit, not pencil-thin

Dietician Speak: The expert Kareena turned to for a trimmer look was her dietician since January 2007, Rujuta Diwekar. “Kareena’s only brief to me was that she should look thin but not anorexic,” says Diwekar, who has a PhD in industrial chemistry and a PG in sports science and nutrition. “She told me that I could put her on the strictest diet but it shouldn’t affect her skin. She didn’t want to look washed out. You can see that even after she has lost seven kilos her skin looks radiant. Since she already had a yoga instructor, Pooja from Bharat Thakur’s group, I was asked to focus on giving her a balanced diet.” Just for the record, Kareena’s hot yoga weight-loss technique is quite famous. It involves practicing yoga with windows shut and fans and airconditioners switched off. The idea is to sweat it out like a good workout session. “While preparing her diet, I do take care of her likes and dislikes. She needs six- seven wholesome meals throughout the day. The diet is changed according to her body requirements and the place she’s shooting in. For example, during the shooting of Tashan in Ladakh, I included thukpas and steamed momos in her meals. A diet has to be practical; she can’t be running around looking for brown rice in Ladakh. When she was shooting in Jaisalmer, I made sure she ate poha and upma. Since Jaisalmer is very hot and one tends to sweat a lot, so I gave her lots of electrolyte with extra potassium to balance the water loss. The brief for Kareena is simple: eat many times but have small meals. And of course keep exercising and doing hot yoga,” says Diwekar.

Daily Diet: Breakfast options include upma, poha, parantha (without oil) and milk and muesli. In the afternoon, she snacks on a brown bread sandwich. Lunch is roti, sabji and dal (without oil). An evening snack is either upma or idli. Dinner is again roti, sabji, dal or soup.

Indulgence: Every 10-12 days, Kareena binges on her favourite Chinese cuisine.

Kareena Speak: For Tashan, where I’ve to look my glamourous best and also do a lot of stunts, I needed to lose weight. I’m following a healthy diet and a regular workout regime. And I’m feeling great.

How does Kareena manage her diet?
Actor Kareena Kapoor is busy shooting in Venice for Sajid Nadiadwala's Kambakht Ishq. And one wonders how the vegetarian is coping with her diet and staying away from the Venetian wonders. BT speaks to her dietician-nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.

Called the 'chana-singdaana' girl of the fraternity thanks to her constant munching of chana and peanuts on the sets, Kareena has stunned everybody. So what does Bebo do to eat right - take her dietician and cook along with her wherever she goes, perhaps?"

The only thing that Kareena takes along with her is her diet plan, her calcium and vitamin B supplements. And if she is shooting in a remote place very far away from civilization, she'll carry along with her packets of chana, peanuts, yoghurt and soy milk," informs her dietician, "I plan for Kareena way in advance. I try to locate some good restaurants for her and suggest what she should eat where. I try and locate local health stores where she can pick up her yogurts, packs of soymilk and fruits from. My motto is 'Think global, eat local'. I encourage all my clients to have the local food wherever they go instead of having them carry packets of khakhra from back home," says Rujuta.

So currently in Venice, what is Bebo gorging on? "In Venice, she is eating wholesome pasta with gorgonzola cheese. She's filling herself up with malta, minestrone soup... When she's in Bangkok, she feasts on Thai curry, steamed rice and noodles. And if some insist that New York is of burgers, chips and colas, it's also a place for salads and soups. When Bebo was shooting in Ladakh recently, she had tented accommodation. What she ate there? Momos and thuppa noodles! You see, the diet changes with the place you're in. For example, in a place like Ladakh, which is 3500 m above sea level where the sun shines bright, you get dehydrated, the travel leads to multiple dehydration, so you automatically up the carbohydrate and liquid intake. The logic behind increasing the carbs in your diet is that if there aren't enough carbs, you can't store enough water. So sometimes it's essential to have a carb-rich diet."

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